An Open Window to the Brain and the Me

As much as its complex, and hard to understand, the one of a kind brain structure, uses simple methods of understanding and recognition. The human brain biologically is structure to find patterns and similarities in everything. This makes it easier to fit information into groups. Lets take a simple example; imagine you have a pile of papers that are of different categories, some are for your college studies, others are for your bills and taxes. Lets say that you decide to store all these papers randomly piled in one big file. Now trying to find a specific paper logically. It is a very demanding task, right? However, lets say that you decided to arrange these papers and label them according to their categories. simple! If we looked at the brain we notice massive similarity in its function. The brain is a highly organized, sophisticated structure, no wonder it takes up 70% of bodies energy intake. this magnificent piece of biological machinery and the way it works sometimes create an interesting outcome.

There is a saying, that is still tasted among the scientific community, in that people notice other people who they think are of close resemblance to their personality and emotional states. Example, ever entered a crowed area and noticed a women, man or even a child that was not in the act of an eye-catching action, or are not of a different outside look, yet you were interested and intrigued in to looking and wondering what that persons life must be like? subconsciously this strange habit is an action of the brains own organizational pattern mechanism. If we said that your brain is a file cabinet and each file is a category, there must be a file labeled “Me”, it has everything what makes you. So in the process where your brain try to classify this person, it hits close to where “Me” file is located sparking an unusual response, of alert and confusion to how can be there a second file called “Me”? [ should I delete, replace, copy both, or cancel the action?]. It is indeed an interesting reaction coming from a complex map, that is the brain.

What made me write this article, and what made it spark the idea, is when I was looking outside my hotel window in the small town of Brighton, UK. As I was watching the sunset, and enjoying the simplicity of the town, my eyes caught an old man, by his looks I won’t give him more then a sixty five years old, wearing a white, striped blue collar shit, and jeans. He was cleaning the balcony of what looked like a kitchen back door, I looked at him for sometime as he cleaned and brushed the floor, as he seemed to enjoy what he does. Later as I forgot about the old man’s spring cleaning, and as my eyes drafted away I noticed him again. It is as if I can’t seem to not look but to his direction. He later moved a white round, plate like item to the roof where he sat eating, and enjoying the view of the ocean. The man sat their for almost two hours just gazing into the city, and the ocean. While I stare at him creepily, I asked my self. I wonder what is he thinking of ? Is he happy? is he lonely? He looks like a good person. What if I walked down and rang the bell and asked him these questions would he be nice and or would he be a harsh old typical english man. I wondered and still wonder to what makes my brain so curious about a person, that I saw cleaning a balcony, eating dinner and relaxing? Do I feel lonely? Do I envy him? where did my brain see the similarity of “Me” and the “Old English man, on the roof-top” file?

I left the man sitting on the rooftop with his little chairs and his clean apartment, wondering did anyone notice me look from the window all that time, and wonder? what is she thinking?

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