Mr. Reger

Have you ever looked at a strangers eyes and felt as if you are naked, felt that they can read all your secretes and see all your thoughts. Happened to me a couple of times, felt weak, scared, and confused. People are stranger creators, they are made of basic elements but they don’t fall under any basic law. We our self don’t understand why we do things the way we do it. The brain is so complex that it copies not for its weakness but to blend in. Every person wants to do something wants to make something, we dream of becoming heroes of flying like superman, of curing disease, of becoming rich and famous. People became so engulfed into the idea of being different and heroic that they forgot other ways some people are heroes. To balance life you need two things, one can’t balance.

Once a upon a time there was this city far away from any other. Lived people who knew nothing but happiness, joy, and peace. For years these people had nothing but thanks to god, joy and celebration, marriage and love. But down somewhere in the city lived a small dark house, it was believed that a person by the name of Mr. Reger lived there. Mr. Reger was never seen outside his house, he was not married, did not have kids. The people of the city were happy but the black dot that followed their eyes which was Mr. Reger’s house started to grow into bothering them. It was till one day that they decide to go to Mr. Reger and ask him to join them and lighting up a little. After long they failed, the people of the city grow angrier and aggressive. Their stubbornness grow to why one person must be such a black dot in their light happy city. Their ego grew and over through rational thinking till it reached and killed Mr. Reger. Happiness and peace fluid into the people’s heart, little they knew what was waiting for them. Mr. Reger was not sad or as happy as they were because he did not want to or because he wanted to be different, a yin yang sign is not half black and half white because colors are pretty combined. Mr.Reger simply absorbed all the sadness in that city, it was his job to filter all the sadness from this city and without him all the city grew was a dark, sad, and lonely.

A hero is not someone who bring peace, joy and happiness. It could be a person who protect you from sadness, pain, and hurt. Mr. Reger was a hero but people’s ignores killed him. People should stop grouping everything and everyone into one category. LISTEN to what people say.

Words kill, Bullets wound

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