A person who is the first to an action

Powering up my computer in a hope to look for a word that I could write an article about, I came across Google’s new Doodle; the 41st anniversary discovery of the first fossilized bones “Lucy” that lived 3.2 millions years ago.  Lucy lived in Ethiopia she was from Australopithecus afarensis species, which is the first and closest species to humans as it was the first of its kind to have a full straight standing posture. That made me think, what if Lucy was the first to have the mutant gene that would allow her bones formation to give her an easy straight-human like posture. She would be the only species/the only one on earth to have a standing posture, she would be able to stand on her two legs comfortably, sit on chairs, read a book and walk at the same time, or even perhaps enjoy a cup of tea while walking the savannas.

Biologically speaking, there are animals that could use their back legs to stand like humans, cats do it when they are threatened. Bears do it to show off their size and scare other alpha males. But no animal can sit or walk using its back legs like humans for a long time [their whole life] or as straight as humans. So if we would want to describe Lucy we would say that she is a Pioneer, original, lead, head, or forerunner.

Taking the word Pioneer and its origin. It comes from the 3 different backgrounds first Greek “pedo” which means small, or few. Second, Old french “Panoier” and last Old English “Pawn” which means to risk. The word first started to pick up in the early 1900s as was used primarily to describe the settlers [Discovery of the Americans], or soldiers. It was only the mid 1920s that the word association became more fixable describing the pioneer women in scientific fields, etc [women’s right movement]. Moving from there to the industrial revelation, and economic benefit, which all contributed to the increase of inventions and discoverers making the word “Pioneer” a prestigious states for innovators, entrepreneur and scientists who work day and night to create something new/helpful for society. Unfortunately, centuries later these words lost its value. People not only look for the cheap, faster way to get things done; but also stealing ideas and copying became a mainstream that even some countries’ whole economy revolves around it. A person idea is easily stolen, and the copiers became much more appreciated and considered “a risk taker”.

However, this is all human nature and even animal nature. There are thousands of species that are considered “cheaters” in the environment. They pretend morphologically to be like other species just to survive. Yet, all they doing is decreasing the trust that other original species worked hard to get. So was Lucy really the first standing human-like species that won the genetic lottery and became different then everyone else. Or was she just copying a of someone else and got lucky for us to discover her before the original?!




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