Did the US really remove the Cuban embargo

Before diving into this article I would like to establish the fact that I’ve always and still respect USA’s economical, political, and especially legislation. This article is not in any way intended to speak against or offend the United State. The US has and will stay the best country interim of legislation and rights.

May 1902, Cuba seeks its long fought independence from the United State. 1959 Cuba started to face governmental corruption, rebellion Fidel Castro’s revolution started to take country over the country. American’s phobia towards Soviet – Communism starts to kick in, by February 1962 the US signs a trade embargo on Cuba.  A year later after Cuba Missile Crisis the US issues a full Embargo on Cuba stopping trades, transactions, and prohibit any US citizen to travel Cuba. February, 2008 Fidel Castro steppes down.

A couple of days ago a viral article started to circulate. The article specifically talked about the discovery of a new strain of a highly aggressive/contagious HIV virus, that’s been highly circulating in the Cuban area. This article did not seem to be just out-of-place for me but suspicious too. The fact that US just started to ease traveling, and trading on Cuba; gaining by that a huge economical benefit after the economical harm the embargo had on US. The article clearly states and I quote

Vandamme said the variant has been seen before in Africa, but there were very few such patients and it does not appear to be spreading there. However, it is in wide circulation now in Cuba and now can be easily studied.

A much older article had mentioned that a lot of US citizens are planing, and excited to travel to Cuban after the removal of the Embargo. But after reading this article, I believer that will change some views. What I’m trying to say is that perhaps the US is trying to gain a one way economical benefit. That is to gain from Cuba what they could not gain post embargo, and especially gain international, and national community satisfaction. With such medical discovery the US is limiting Cuban workers to be accepted at the US, people to travel to Cuba, and by that restrict the benefit Cuba can get from the remove of the Embargo. It also gives the US the upper hand to control and have an emergency door to shut if things goes out of hands in Cuba.

The article may sound and look harmless but politically it is just a small feed to insure that Cuba stays small just like before the embargo, but this time the US is not directly blamed for.

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