Apple iPhone 5s September 10th recap event

Unfortunately Apple started with an appointment news is that there will be no live streaming, thus people are left with live coverage from the top none technology sites.

All of these informations were taken from:

  • Original Keynote.
  • live converge
  • Engadget Live coverage

Before the keynote, all people where counting that they would see an iWatch, iPhone 5s/5C, Apple TV mainly. However, all these anticipations where fulfill and some were ignored. The door opened to the event at 9:47 AM PT sharp. Starting with Tim cook taking the stage, speaking about the iTunes festival (including the artists, performance). After that e moved to the typical retail discussion.

Now here are the main events:

    1. iOS 7: Craig Federighi took the stage to talk about iOS 7 . Not a lot of information where being said about iOS 7 just a general recap. Like you can search from home screen, you can change sir’s voice, new ringtones.etc). The iOS will be on for public on September 18th, 2013.
    2. iWork: Time Cook took the stage again and started talking about all the functions. However it is going to be free on all new iOS platforms.
    3. iPhone 5C:  The iPhone 5 is officially dead and the iPhone 5C is taking it’s place. Multiple color are available, and you get an additional color case. The pricing will be $99 for 16GB (with 2 year contract), and the covers are not included for additional price of $29. ~Additional information is that the phone is not a 100% plastic product but steel~


  1. iphone 5s: Started with colors with addition of a champaign color (AKA Gold). It is the same design but with no square on the home button. It is going to have 64-bit chip (A7). Then after these specs Apple pull a “Demo”.

    It is the one to the left

    It is the one to the left

  2. – They then introduced demo version on Infinity Blade 3, and how it will work with the super power of the new iPhone 5s. (Available on September 18th too)- New Part of the iphone, which is “CoreMotion API” It is a sport specs that monitor and track your motion just like Nike band.- Battery is good: 10 on LTE browsing, 10 hours 3G talk time and 40 hours on Music playback (Still people will complain about the battery).
    – Camera upgrade: 15% more pixels, 2.2/f (amazing for photography). New, smart flash “True Tone”. In addition to that it takes auto multiple pictures and uses the sharpest one (Burst mood, 10 pictures/sec). It is going to have Slo-Mo (120 frams). 28MP paranormal shots.- Next was security: Your all waiting fingerprints AKA “touch ID”. This function reads your fingerprint perfectly, and scans 360 deg so you don’t have to rotate your finger (it is around the home button).   Finally, you don’t have to click the home button you can just click it and you will unlock your phone.

    – At the end the phone will be selling for 199$ ~ 16GB, 299$ ~ 32GB (Two year contract). You can also buy fancy covers made of leather. It will launch at 20th September (available internationally on December).

  3. Apple wraps in with a music performance by Elvis Costello.
So What did you think of the event and products, will you upgrade to any of the new iphones ?!
and Why not

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