A person who is the first to an action


Powering up my computer in a hope to look for a word that I could write an article about, I came across Google’s new Doodle; the 41st anniversary discovery of the first fossilized bones “Lucy” that lived 3.2 millions years ago.  Lucy lived in Ethiopia she was from Australopithecus afarensis…

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When I was a kid we had these comic series of Donald duck, Mickey and friends. And in one of the stories was about Scrooge McDuck which was Donald Duck’s rich uncle. One day McDuck narked by all the city noise, people at the office; he needed some peace of…

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Little Mermaid


Denial, is to deny or reject a statment, act or a fact. The word denial comes from 3 different historical origins [Latin, Old French, and Middle English] between 1250 – 1300 AC. In Latin it is  dēnegāre means [ de- “away”, & negare “refuse, or no”]. However, in real life Denial…

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Narcism from a Narcissists point of view.


According to greek methodology Narcissus was a very beautiful hunter; son of the river-god Cephissus. Narcissus was so in love with him self, harsh and negligent to those who around him that one day the sprite Nemesis who was responsible for freeing earth from all arrogant souls against god came to Narcissus and showed…

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